At the intersection of strategy, design, and operations
Strategy should be nimble. Design should be arresting. Operations should be seamless. Combining these effectively requires a multiplicity of perspectives and expertise.
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In an age of innovation and disruption, having a defined yet agile business strategy is more important than ever.

Understanding the interplay of consumer tastes and trends, market dynamics, and macro environmental forces is critical in order to create sustainable, growth-oriented businesses. As proponents of the Blue Ocean Strategy, we combine our industry and innovation expertise to redefine our clients’ market boundaries.

With differentiation as our guiding light, our goal is to create new, uncontested market space where competition is irrelevant.

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Compelling design attracts and delights, but also inspires guests to support and promote your business.

We don’t treat design as an afterthought, but see it as a key tool in implementing a winning strategy. Working in tandem with our sister creative studio, Senseos, our design practice focuses on the physical expression of your business to create spaces that are memorable in appearance, practical in their functionality, and tuned to advance the overarching strategic goals of the project.

Our designers have worked in all major sectors—from fast casual to fine dining—and can propose and deliver innovative solutions that complement your concept.

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Careful planning amounts to little without canny execution.

This is where the rubber meets the road. We believe that operational success is derived from two broad categorical initiatives: topline growth and waste minimization. However, delivering big results in these areas requires the thoughtful management of the smallest details.

Taking cues from the strategic and brand directives of the business, our operations consultants help clients develop compelling products and efficient systems to not only generate public praise but also internal success.

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Real Estate Advisory

Maintaining rigorous price discipline on entry is critical as there is no cure for overpaying.

Whether it’s your first location or fiftieth, having clearly defined real estate criteria that are aligned with your business strategy is essential to ensure longevity and profitability.

Our Real Estate Advisory Practice has a seat at the table from day one and is not just apprised of your plan but actively participates in creating it.

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Talent Recruitment

Right-sized, efficient, and cost effective solutions to meet the demands of a rapidly shifting industry.

Food and beverage businesses face amongst the highest employee turnover rate of any private sector industry. Managers and Chefs come and go and the best employees are often “trained out the door” by great employers unable to offer sufficient opportunities for advancement.

Recognizing these challenges, our recruiting process is designed to fit the needs and budget of an industry operating on razor-thin-margins. Our fees are flat-rate—we take pride in finding the right fit, independent of compensation.

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