Serving Clients Together

We’ll share your commitment to doing what’s best for our mutual clients and respect the relationship that you have forged.

Doing what’s best for our clients means we regularly work with other trusted professionals, bringing our respective expertise to bear. These professionals often possess deep industry experience—food and beverage consultants, interior designers, general contractors, operations experts, retail brokers and the like.

However, we often find ourselves collaborating with experts that operate outside the world of hospitality such as accountants, real estate developers, investment advisors and wealth managers.

We can work closely on issues that require your skills in conjunction with ours or complement your role by taking sole responsibility for certain aspects of a client relationship at your request.

If you would like to introduce a client to us, please contact our office. We will treat any information you share with complete discretion. You can designate how involved you would like to be in our meetings or discussions with your client, and we will keep you apprised of the client's decision to work with August Point.

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